Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Podcast Roundup

I'm on a bunch of super fun Halloween-related podcasts this year.

Dan's Drive-In Double Feature #4

Amanda Reyes of Made For TV Mayhem and I talk two great 1980 slasher films: PROM NIGHT & HE KNOWS YOU'RE ALONE. It's a very in-depth chat. Amanda knows her stuff and we cover every nook and cranny of these films that we can think of. Get comfortable and enjoy.


This is a good time, free-for-all horror-related podcast, hosted by Charlie Brown from Medicine Hat and featuring a gaggle of good people (including Amanda). The latest episode involved us chatting about the awesome COLD PREY. It's not up yet but...  follow that link and listen to some great stuff while you're waiting for the new one.

The Made For TV Mayhem Show

This is a show featuring Amanda, Nathan Johnson (from the seminal The Hysteria Continues) discussing Made For TV movies of all variety. In the latest episode, we discuss THE HALLOWEEN THAT ALMOST WASN'T and THE PAUL LYNDE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. Before that episode, we cover two Patty Duke horror films. And...  last year, we discussed THE MIDNIGHT HOUR. Immerse Yourself!

The Film and Water Podcast

This one was from a few months ago. But, to keep the TV Movie theme going, the All-Powerful, All-Seeing Rob Kelly and I discuss ANTS! AKA IT HAPPENED AT LAKEWOOD MANOR. It's a good discussion filled with ants on breasts talk.

The Zero Plus Zero Show

This is the my friend Rustingwillpower's podcast and it is a great one. For the last 5 episodes, I have had a segment called Digging With Dan where I discuss a (Semi-) obscure movie. On this Halloween episode, I talk THE VARROW MISSION. Plus, my wife and I chat trick or treating throughout the ages.

Eventually Supertrain

Well, the October episodes weren't specifically Halloween-related. But, each of the episodes (8 & 9) begin and end with fun, scary tunes. And, of course, Cliff Hangers! does contain The Curse of Dracula. Enjoy.

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