Sunday, October 11, 2015

GEMINI MAN: The Extras - Power Records!

Gemini Man Power Records

All right...  I mentioned that there were a few bits of Gemini Man-related extras on the previous post. Here is one of them. This link will take you to the awesome Power Records blog run by Rob!. He has posted many wonderful Power Records on there and, one day, he found this. How a show that had one 2-hour TV movie and then ran for less than two months in 1976 got a Power Records LP devoted to it is beyond me. But, I am very, very glad that it is here. I'm not going to review the album. (Well, maybe later.) So, please click on over and listen. You can decide for yourself whether it is a worthy offshoot of the show.

The Power of Sam Casey compels you to listen!

By the way. Rob runs The Aquaman Shrine. There is a link for it on the left of the Power Records blog. He does a podcast with a gentleman who runs a Firestorm site and it is fantastic. Especially their episodes devoted to the DC Who's Who series from the mid-1980s. I recommend it highly.

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