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The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo S1 E7: Run for the Money Part III

Originally aired on November 13, 1979
Directed by Bruce Bilson
Story by Glen A. Larson and Sidney Ellis and Robert L. McCullough and Frank Lupo and John Peyser
Teleplay by Michael Sloan and Sidney Ellis and Frank Lupo and Robert L. McCullough

And the conclusion to this massive adventure arrives!

Hi, I'm the dad who gets kidnapped by the main jerk
That's me and the main jerk. I've been kidnapped!

The blonde croupier decides to go good. But, her dad is kidnapped by the main jerk. The main jerk is in a boat on a lake in the middle of the desert. He demands that Blondie and B.J., with Bear, bring him all the casino heist money. And, in true farce fashion, every single main cast member spends much of the episode speeding towards the boat. They all get involved in chicanery with broken down cars, nasty bikers led by Richard Moll and just plain racing against time. Will these huge assembly of cops and good guys be able to take down the bad guy and his handful of men on a yacht?

Probably. And it's a lot of fun.

 Don't trust this taxi guy
Hello! I'm on The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo

If episode one was about introducing everyone and setting up the Scheme (robbing the casino)...  and episode two is everyone acting in character trying to solve the Scheme...  episode three is a low budget, in the desert, variation of It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. As mentioned, it's everyone involved in their Own Private Shenanigans. It's too bad that Lobo won't be heading over to the world of Mr. McKay again because they work well together.

Fun with Wiley and The Fox

I wonder now if lifting Lobo out of B.J. and the Bear hurt everyone involved. As I mentioned in previous reviews, much of the Lobo slapstick isn't terribly funny. It can be charming but it's never laugh out loud funny. And, when Lobo left, the producers on B.J. and the Bear immediately brought on two other groups of cops and a bunch of mean truckers to try and match the Power of Claude Akins. And, the ratings did drop. At this point, ratings are still going strong but they drop pretty quick after this. I need to find when exactly that happens.

Fun with Perkins and Lobo

There's not much to say about the actual episode. It semi-cleverly brings this story to a close. The odd thing is that it really is all about this one criminal jerk and this one Scheme. One gets the feeling that possibly the stakes should have been higher. Every once in a while it strikes me as a bit of a Much Ado About Nothing. One sees all these people running around, all this stuff happening...  and then when focus is placed on why it's happening, it seems a trifle small. In the first season of B.J.'s show, B.J. was freeing a group of women from white slavery. He was taking down a corporation that was producing biological weaponry. He was climbing up a Ferris wheel to save people! It's petty niggling for me to bring it up but I think the stakes could have been higher.

 I have to get in the water with Deborah Shelton?
You got it.
Avengers Assemble!
(Not a lot of Cain in this episode.)

Now, we return to regular B.J. and the Bear reviewing...  It was nice to visit Lobo and the gang one last time. I salute you, sir!

 The last shot with these two pop culture icons together
Tears? Shame? Or tears of shame?

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